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8 Ways To Fix IPTV Buffering & Freezing Issue

How to Fix IPTV Buffering

8 Ways To Fix IPTV Buffering & Freezing Issue

If you’re experiencing buffering while streaming or your channels are stopping, here’s a detailed repair guide for lagging and freezes.

In this section, We will discuss the root cause as well as provide solutions. This way, if you experience the same issue again, you will have an understanding why it keeps happening and will be able to fix it as swiftly as possible.

Just make sure to read this troubleshooting at the end, Below are the common factors why a user gets buffering or freezing while using our service:

Reason 1: Streaming on more than allowed Connections:

One of the most common mistakes that clients make is logging in and using their login credentials on more than the authorized connections. For example, if a consumer gets a plan but does not pay for the Addon connections, they are only permitted to use it on a single device!

When you do this, you may experience buffering, which freezing, or even playback issues.

iptv streaming devices

Fix No. 1:

One of the most typical errors that customers make is signing in via their username and password on more than the permitted connections. For example, if a consumer purchases a subscription of 1 user but fails to pay for the Addon connections, customers are only authorized to use it on a single device!

When you attempt this, you may have buffering, freezing, or playback issues.

We allow up to 5 connections with a single subscription and to learn more about the pricing of Addon connections kindly talk to our agent by visiting website for it.

Reason 2: The Application Caches on Your Device

If you use IPTV Smarters or any other kind of IPTV software for an extended period of time, the program will begin to create cache files on your device. Thumbnails for Movies/Series/Channels, Links, and other items are included in these caches.

Caches are useful because they help material load quicker because it has previously been downloaded in your device. However, things grow worse when you run out of storage space or stop streaming the same channels/TV shows/movies.

As a result, you must clear the caches every time you open the program, which only takes 5 seconds.

Fix No 2:

Here are the steps for some devices that you can follow to clear caches:

Android-Based TVs/Device:

Go to Settings > Applications > IPTV Smarters (or any other app you have installed) > Hit Clear Caches.

Firestick/FireTV Cube:

Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > B1G Player (or the app you are using) > Hit Clear Caches.

Samsung or LG Smart TVs:

There is no option to Clear Caches on Samsung/LG TVs that’s why all you have to do is Restart your device and it will remove Caches for Applications.

Fix-IPTV-Buffering issue

Reason 3: Running Low on Storage

Another frequent cause of buffering and freezing is that the device is running low on memory or does not have sufficient RAM to operate the IPTV program.

Fix No 3:

To free up storage, remove all applications that are no longer in use or delete any downloaded files using File Manager.

To uninstall the app on Android-based TVs follow these instructions:

Go to Settings > Applications > Find the app that is not used and Select it > hit Uninstall option > hit Confirm to Uninstall it.

Instructions for Firestick/FireTV Cube:

First of all, Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > From here Choose the App that you no longer use > then hit Uninstall option > when prompted just hit Uninstall again.

For Samsung:

Press the Home button to open up the Home screen menu > Navigate to Apps > then select the Settings icon in the top right corner > Select the App you want to Delete > then select Delete and select Delete again to confirm.

For LG Smart TVs:

Press the Home button > Select the Pencil icon to the right of the apps > use Left Arrow and Go to an App you want to Delete and press OK > Use the Up Arrow to go to the X at the top of the app. Press OK. Select Yes to remove the app.

Reason 4: The Internet Provider is Throttling your connection:

This is one of the most common causes of buffering since most internet service providers do not want their customers to stream IPTV service, or if they realize the user is using too much bandwidth, they simply limit their internet speed.

Fix No 4:

The answer is fairly easy; simply connect to a VPN and you will be able to prevent throttling as well as bypass the limits on IPTV service and improve your streaming experiences while maintaining your safety.

Here are the Recommended VPN:

Here are the Recommended Servers:

  • Pakistan
  • Albania
  • India
  • Bangladesh

Note: If these servers won’t work then you can choose other servers too but outside Europe, UK and USA.

Reason 5: The device is Outdated

Having an old device can lead to the buffering issue. This is because when a device is not updated, it gets vulnerable or have imperfections and other issues.

Fix No 5:

Make sure you upgrade the device to the most recent version. With the new version, you will receive several software/hardware upgrades, and your device will function better.

To check if you are running the latest version or not please follow these instructions on your devices:

For Google TVs:

Press the Quick Settings> Select the Settings icon > then choose System → About → System software update.

Note: If your remote control has a HELP button, you can also display the System software update screen by pressing the HELP button and selecting Top support solutions.

Other Android TV Models:

Press the Help button (if available), otherwise press the Home button, and then select Help.

Note: If your TV has Android 9 or Android 8.0 operating system (OS), select the Apps icon, then select Help.

Now select Status & Diagnostics > select System software update.

For Firestick/FireTV Cube:

Go to Settings on your Fire TV > Select My Fire TV > About > hit Check for System Update.

For LG Smart TV:

Go to Settings > All Settings > Support > Select Software Update > then Check for Updates and if an update is available Download and Install.

For Samsung Smart TV:

Open Settings > then Select Support > Software Update > then select Update Now.

If there is any update available, just download it and then restart your device.

Reason 6: Having Too Many Channels in Playlist

We know a lot of people would be annoyed about it, but possessing an excessive number of channels is additionally a factor of your service’s regular buffering. It is why certain customers may have a low-end devices that is incapable of operating all of the channels we provide.

Therefore the wise solution will be to remove unwanted channels instead of keeping all 24,000+ channels since no one ever watches all these programs on their TVs.

Fix No 6:

You do not need to take any actions to get the undesirable channels deleted because they have to be eliminated from our end.

Please contact us through email or Live Chat for channels deletion. Include your username as well as a list of nations you watch, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Pakistan.

Note: Please keep in mind that we don’t remove any categories because the panel is quite limited!

Reason 7: Current Server/Portal URL is Busy

When a large number of consumers utilize a particular portal URL simultaneously streaming their favorite material, the servers get overloaded, and you may experience buffering or freezing.

Fix No 7:

The fix is quite simple for this because all you need to do is change the portal URL on IPTV Smarters and use a different one and get it from

Change Portal URL on IPTV Smarters:

Launch IPTV Smarters > Click Person Icon > Hit Logout > Add New User > Use the Same Credentials that were sent to the email and in the Portal URL use one of the above-provided URLs.

Change Portal URL on TiviMate:

Launch TiviMate > Go to Settings > Playlists > Choose the first Playlist > Scroll down to Xtream Codes Parameters > Click Server Address > Put the Server Address (Portal URL) from the Above.

Reason 8: Facing Buffering/Freezing on Specific Channels/Movies/Series (Season, Episode).

If you are having trouble with any specific channels, movies, or series (such as episodes or seasons), please contact us. The problem will then be fixed by our staff, and you will not be required to do anything.

Fix No 8:

If you are experiencing buffering with a certain channel, movie, or Webseries, simply file a ticket and give us with the full name for those Movies or Channels.

And, if this is happening with a specific TV show, please include the Season and Episode number so that we can locate and correct the problem.

If still your issue is not resolved, Please feel free to contact us through email or Live Chat!

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