Setup | MAG Box 250/254/256

Setup | MAG Box 250/254/256


Step One

Once you have plugged in your Mag Box, please switch on and Go to settings > system settings > servers > portals.

 Step Two

Please type “the portal url which we provide you via email” under portal 1 URL and then press OK to save.

Step Three

Press the “Home” symbol on your remote control two times.

 Then go to Restart / Reload Portal. 

Now you should see an orange / yellow bar loading across the screen! This means you have successfully setup your device with our IPTV Subscription.


Now you can see it will start loading TV channels and then you can play any available TV channel. If you’re facing any error like page loading errorYour STB is blockedCall the provider or Portal not supported or related, it means your ISP is blocking service, service not activated or you have MAG 250 model and using URL including /c; for MAG 250 model use URL till port except /c and then reload Portal. It will work. You’ve installed it successfully.

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